Em Bridal Boutique is a bridal services specialising in wedding dress designs, hair and makeup and photography or videography through an exceptional customer service. We provide our clients with quality dresses that are made for comfort and extravagance during celebration. We are proud to be one of new destinations of bride-to-bes who are seeking an organised dressing plan, attractive makeover and fabulous gown custom designs for their special day with an affordable price.

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Hehe! Yea I guess you could give me that answer! It is impossible to deny the fact that Kim K’s contouring and highlighting is one of the most requested makeups that we have got so far this year! However, we do believe, makeup is there to only enhance your natural beauty. You don’t need to wear heavy contour or highlight in order to look best. It’s best to focus on enhancing your most important feature of your face, for instance your beautifully glowing skin, your full and perfectly curvy brows or your fabulous lips. We believe by truly understand your own unique features with a trust in your personal makeup artist, you can get the rest of your makeup magically fallen into place, without putting in too much effort!

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