We are providing our clients with quality dresses that are made for comfort and extravagance during celebration. We are proud to be one of new destinations of bride-to-bes who are seeking an organised dressing plan, attractive makeover and fabulous gown custom designs for their special day with an affordable price. Check out some videos featured by our real Grooms and Brides!

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What People say

We are working hard in the bridal industry for your better service. We appreciate your value feedback and would love hear your voice to improve service getting better in time.

«Beautiful wedding dress designs and an amazing hair and makeup artist»

Mary - a model

«One of my friends recommended her to me. Everyone tells the makeup makes me prettier, it was very soft and beautiful. Was very happy with her service. Thanks heaps Katy »

Jenny - a bride

«Everyone in the wedding asks for my dress and tells me that looks amazing and exotic. Definitely recommended for my friends in the future. »

Kala - a bride

«The dress is so quality and beautiful exotically on pre-shoot photos as well as in real. The customer who I took photo of on her wedding seemed very happy with Katy's dress as everyone liked it. »

Micheal - a photographer

«Very happy with my makeup she done last week. I've worked with many makeup artists before but first time love the makeup on my face ever. Also her wedding dress is gorgeous as everyone asks for after publishing my photos.»

Jenny - a model

«So happy with her services. The dress looks so cute. My photographer tells me that's a beautiful gown. The makeup suits me perfectly! Thanks heaps Katy. Highly recommended to the other friends. »

Yi Yi - a bride

«Came to her by friend's recommendation. Her gowns are the prettiest I wanted to get on for my wedding. The preshoot went well as a good organised and I'm so happy with hair and makeup service she done on me. I have booked her for my next occasion as well. »

Tina - a bride

«Wish I could know her sooner before my wedding day. She is a talented makeup artist. Love her makeup so much especially the eyes. »

Van - a bride

«Went to her service for a night party. The airbrushing makes me amazing look. My friends in the party have a big wow on me as big different. Love her eyes makeup on me. The gowns look quality and elegant. Have booked a wedding package with her for my special day :) »

Vivian - a bride-to-be

«Very happy with my stunning dress she made. And I was surprised with the price. Much appreciated! »

Mirna - a bride

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